Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Would You Sell an Organ to Pay Off Your Student Loans?

This is off the wall, but it has brought up extreme talk in this time of economic crisis.

Would you be willing to take into consideration selling a body organ to settle a person’s student loans or your young ones student loans ?
In Boston one parent put on craiglist: The ad, Do You Need a Live Cadaver? take my Body, was posted in the jobs wanted section of Boston Craigslist earlier this week.
A Boston parent said that they are willing to sell body parts to pay off their children's school debt. The poster offered up his or her body for anything legal or medically experimental to raise money to pay off their children s student loan debt. If you eliminate my children s student loans, I will give you my life! the poster wrote. The poster said they were 5 feet 10 inches tall, 200 pounds and have all their organs in working order. Take my blood, take my plasma. Drill into my brain, my leg, my arm. Tap my heart, my liver, my kidney, the poster writes, adding, I am very very serious. The poster, who did not include their name, exact location or gender, said the children's student loans total $200,000.
The story was reported by the Boston Channel. ‘Parent Offers Body Parts on Craigslist To Pay off Child s Student Loans’

According to Sue Rabbitt Roff, a Scots academic, she believes making it legal to sell the body part would boost the number of organs available to save lives and help students struggling with money. She pointed out that three people on the kidney transplant list die in the UK every day. "We allow family members and friends to donate to each other even if they are not genetically related," she said.
"So I don't think it's a very big step to offer the same level of medical service but also make a payment. The only difference is the issue of money. So what's so problematic about money?"
She pointed out the procedure only carried the same risks as an elective Caesarean section. "Isn't it very patronising for those of us who are well-off to make decisions for those of us who are not? People must be allowed to make their own decisions.

Young people, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds, are being asked to take on huge debt to afford an education. Why can't they also have the right to be able to pay it back by selling an organ? Both side would be saving each other, one from financial ruin and the other from failing health. Selling organs to pay for student loans should be the individual's choice, and as long as everything was on the up and up, why wouldn't someone be allowed to do so?

I would do it! My family is currently facing financial ruin and will lose everything because I can't afford to pay back my student debts. Yes, I have tried everything allowed to me even taking on three different jobs at once. I'm exhausted and at the end of my rope. So, I would give of myself if it would not only save someone else, but save my family in the process as well!


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